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Consumers Web Application

A Web application that manages the relation between hotels and suppliers.

Also it provides a way for central purchasing companies to manage their hotel needs and purchase orders.

 Consumers Benefits

  • Helps reduce the operating costs of the administrative expenses (Local telephone and direct , Fax , Transitions , And Mobile )
  • Helps increase procurement opportunities were not available.
  • Helps increase opportunities for research products.
  • Helps increase the chances of dealing with the segments and other  types of market .
  • Helps get rid of the policy of monopoly by some suppliers .
  • Helps increase procurement opportunities for many different suppliers.
  • Helps in obtaining the highest quality products at reduced prices and  better conditions of supply .
  • Helps speed decision-making in the purchase contract deals.
  • Helps end the suffering of the delegates procurement in the search for  the best products less price.

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